NoPhase Development Log 1

Just a quick post to talk about NoPhase.

I’ve been working on NoPhase since around end of December 2020. Lots of progress, and a lot of ideas too!

The concept of NoPhase is not new, I was working on a similar patch back in 2019, until it was eventually really poorly optimized and just crashed every time I tried to open it.

The development in NoPhase started when I discovered a way to generate visuals similar to a video synth with the Gen patching environment inside Max, which extends the possibilities of Max with a set of operators and other useful stuff. A Gen patch requires to be compiled, which allows more patch efficiency.

The color generator/video synth is not my priority right now since it works (somehow), so I’m kind of focused on the 3D object part, which is also a Gen patch.

This modifies 3D shapes in a very weird way.

To-do ?

The to-do list is kinda big, and I still have to determine at which point I’ll release the patch into the wild. No ETA, sadly.

  • Improving 3D possibilities
  • Fixing color generators bugs (No movement)
  • Blending mode preview before sending to main display
  • Preview display
  • NDI/Spout send/receive (I will write an article on this soon)
  • Default MIDI gear presets (Nanokontrol/APC 40/Launchpad)
  • Improve audio reactivity
  • Improve Performance mode UI
  • OSC synchronisation and control
  • TBD
Thank you Cycling’74.

You got questions ? Mention me on Twitter @VJLime or send me an email : me [at] ethereal [dot] pw.

Thanks to the datafruits radio & friends who allowed me to crash test the patch for many hours.